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While my works consider their relationship to the gravity of current reality, my childhood memories and objects that exist beneath my conscious awareness provide arenas of fantasy for my designs. By reviving their positive associations into object form, I am able to open a dialogue with the tensions of present reality and imaginative play. These objects become opportunities for intimate refuge. As an artist, I reconnect between the past and present to create these surreal moments, as surreal yet tangible objects. The works are presented as an invitation for interaction and imagination; these objects permit viewers to be able to project their own past and present into. Through the form of re-representation, fragmentation, scale shift, addition, subtraction, combination, etc., I’m seeking to build a bridge between the two different opposite realm. At some extent, I want to change the way we experience the world. How we deal with everyday mundane moments of difficulties and through the pieces I make, I want to change the way they are involved in the perception.  

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